Cash for Colts is the primary fundraiser for the Oak Ridge Elementary School PTO.  Cash for Colts is a direct donation campaign in which Oak Ridge Elementary families donate money directly to the PTO.  In turn, we do not ask you to sell anything further on behalf of the PTO.

     Current public education funding continues to decline and cannot meet the increasing needs of our school.  With your donation, the PTO is able to support an expanded classroom curriculum (with important reading and math resources), provide family enrichment activities and other programs that enhance the learning experience at Oak Ridge Elementary and support numerous extra-curricular activities.  Cash for Colts funds what our school district cannot.

     This year, the PTO aims to raise a minimum of $23,500 for the Cash for Colts Campaign.  100% of the funds are used for Oak Ridge Elementary School PTO events, services and purchases for the school.  We hope that you will help us achieve this goal.


     To say “thank you” to our families for participating in Cash for Colts AND to make it fun for our students, we feature great raffle prizes!  Students received raffle tickets based on the value of the monetary donation.


      Here’s a reminder of how the raffle works:

  • Donations will be accepted from September 1st through September 30th.

  • Please use a separate form for each student.  Should you have multiple children in your family who attend ORES and you are submitting a combined payment, please attach each student’s form to the combined payment.  This enables us to track payments more efficiently.

  • For each $10 donated, your child will receive one raffle ticket.

  • At the $50 donation level, the student(s) will receive a bonus raffle ticket. ($50 donation = 6 raffle tickets)

  • At the $100 donation level, the student (s) will receive 5 bonus tickets. ($100 donation = 15 raffle tickets)

  • Posters of the prizes will be hanging in the main school hallway and in the media center hallway.  The media center hallway will have a ticket collection box for each prize.  During the month of September, at the beginning of media specials, your child can select which prize(s) he/she is interested in and place his/her tickets in the appropriate box(es).  Students will be responsible for this on their own so please discuss the prizes at home.

  • Prize winners will be announced during the morning announcements on Friday, October 5, 2018.

  • We strongly recommend that students not take their raffle tickets home from school, as the risk of losing them is high.  Instead, we encourage them to share the prize options with their parents (see right) and decide as a family where they will put their raffle tickets.


     Additionally, the classrooms (and their teachers) with the most participation will receive special prizes.


     We are hoping for 100% participation from the ORES families in our Cash for Colts program.  The recommended amount is $50 per family but we will be happy to accept any amount greater or smaller.  Kindly consider talking to your extended family members about making a donation on behalf of your student/s.  Also, please inquire from your employer if they match employee donations.  


      All donations greater than $25 are tax deductible.  Please let us know if you wish to receive a tax letter.  We accept credit card payments on this website; and cash and checks that can be turned into the school office.

     Please email us at with any questions or concerns.  We are counting on your strong support to make this campaign successful!



The ORES PTO offers six prizes with something for everyone and all ages.  Students will have until September 30th to place their raffle tickets in the corresponding box. We recommend you discuss the prize options with your student before they make their selection. We will distribute raffle tickets to the classroom teacher and they will give to the students. We will draw and announce the winners on the Morning Show on Friday, October 5th.


For more information on the various prizes, please click here.

Find us: 

2050 Oak Ridge Road; Oak Ridge, NC 27310